Are you still searching for THE ONE?

Does THE ONE even exist?

Maybe you’ve even given up trying to find THE ONE?

Now you’re probably thinking…

Tom what the hell are you going on about?

You’re not a relationship coach!

And you would be correct.

I don’t think I’m best placed to give advice in that department ???‍♂️.

So what do you think of when I say THE ONE?

Yeah you got it.

A soul mate!

But looking for your soul mate…

…is kinda like looking for your dream career.

You wouldn’t expect to find your soul mate on the first date, would you?

And just like finding work that fulfils you.

It doesn’t happen on the first try either!

And here’s the problem.

People give up too easily.

They get comfortable.

They settle.

And then they stop searching.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s taken me years to discover what I want from a relationship and my career.

In fact, I’m still learning new things, even today.

But just like finding your soul mate…

Finding your dream career can take years too.

You’ve got to experiment.

You’ve got to try things.

And with every new relationship, every new job…

…you discover and learn what works for YOU.

So, if you’re still searching for THE ONE.

Don’t give up.

Because you never know?

This one might just be THE ONE you’re searching for…

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