The Career Discovery Masterclass

Discover Exciting Career Options Outside of Retail Without Sacrificing Your Salary (Even if Retail Is All You Have Ever Done)

My proven strategy for generating over 30+ career ideas and getting complete clarity on your next career step.

Does this sound like you?

Introducing My Proven Strategy To Escape Retail By Discovering New And Exciting Career Options (Even If Retail Is All You've Ever Done)

For years I wanted to change careers but I could never figure out what I wanted to do instead of Retail.
I hoped that one day the idea would just appear before my eyes.
So while I waited, I aimlessly scrolled through job search websites and applied for anything that looked half interesting.
Job rejection after job rejection followed.
Not only was I no closer to figuring out what I really wanted to do…
… but I was left feeling maybe retail was ALL I could do.
Does this sound familiar?
If it does, then let me tell you this…
You have so many options available to you right now and you can start discovering them today!
Most of us ended up in retail because we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do with our lives.
And now we’re faced with the same challenge again.
We were never taught the valuable life skill of career discovery.
But that ends today.
Yet we just don’t know how to do it.
We spend our time scrolling through job descriptions trying to make ourselves fit the jobs that come up.
But there is a much better way.
What if I told you I could help you find jobs that fit YOU instead?
I start by helping you define the perfect career situation and the skills you have to offer.
And then I show you how to find careers that give you those things which also need your skills. 
Doesn’t that sound like a much better strategy right?
Of course, it does!

Module #1 Self-Discovery

Gain clarity on exactly what you want from your career while understanding what valuable transferable skills you have to offer other industries.

Module #2 Career Discovery

Use my proven framework for generating exciting career options giving you what you want that also utilise your transferable skills.

Module #3 Career Clarity

Gain complete clarity on your career change next step by narrowing down your ideas.

My name is Tom Harris and I’ve been showing Retail Managers like you exactly what it takes to successfully land new and exciting careers outside of retail without using job search websites, without taking pay cuts and without having experience in other industries. 

After a decade in Retail, I was fed up with the lack of work-life balance, flexibility, and job satisfaction. I knew it was time to make a change but my lack of career ideas (and belief in the ideas that I did come up with) held me back for years. I always told myself that once I knew what I wanted to do then I’d be able to make it happen. The problem? The idea never came to me, and my career change never materialised. My lack of career ideas led me to job search websites where I aimlessly applied for anything that looked interesting, but I was rejected for every role I applied for. It left me feeling like Retail was all I could do.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I did escape retail, land a new career, gained a work-life balance, and even secured a pay rise in a completely different industry…

…but it took me six painful months to figure out what it takes to make a successful career change as a well-paid, overworked Retail Manager.

I now look back to my own journey and realise it was the career discovery stage that held me back the longest. I made two massive mistakes. Firstly, I spent no time discovering careers. If you want to discover something you’ve got to go looking for it. Something many of us (myself included at the time) never do.

The second mistake is we are never taught in life how to figure out the best career options for ourselves. If, like me, you ended up in Retail because you had no idea what you wanted to do with your life. You’re now faced with a similar challenge again, figuring out what to do next in after your retail career.

The Career Discovery Masterclass is the product of everything I learnt about the career discovery stage of the career change journey. It includes over 8 modules, 23 lessons and 3 hours of content entirely based on generating career ideas. Not any ideas though… they will be career ideas that you can realistically obtain, paying the salary you want because they will be based on your valuable transferable skills.

Are you ready to learn a proven, step-by-step career discovery process that will finally help you obtain the career clarity needed to escape retail?

Here Is What People Are Saying...

Generating career ideas is a skill in itself and you get life-time access to the very best career generating techniques with this masterclass.

I am constantly updating the content to ensure this masterclass is your go to place whenever you want to explore the career options available to you. 

It used to be frowned upon when you moved around jobs, but now it’s common for people to change careers every 5 years. 

This resource will be available should you need it now, or again in the future…

Your Questions Answered

You will never match the job description 100%. We are going to help you find careers where you match 70-80% of the job description. That is high enough so you have enough transferable skills, but a big enough change so that you are making a significant change. It is called a career change for a reason!

This is what The Career Discovery Masterclass is for! 95% of the people I have worked with have only ever worked in Retail. The reason this course exists is to show step-by-step what Retail Managers must do in order to generate realistic career options outside of Retail.

Most people believe that there should be some kind of trade-off. If you want more work-life balance then you would have to make a cut somewhere else, starting with your salary. There are two reasons why people think that way. They have low self-worth, they think they are paid more than their skills deserve or they have tried the ineffective traditional job search strategies and have been rejected. Either way, it is more about how the person feels than it is about the job market. There are hundreds of thousands of careers that are Mon-Fri that pay just as much, and more than retail jobs. You either need to see the value in your skills or accept that there might be a better way…

All training, videos and resources are available within your personal course area. The Career Discovery Masterclass is self-paced and I keep all the content updated so it only contains the very best career discovery strategies available. 

Most people never move forward with their career change because they don’t know what they can do instead. 

I can guarantee you haven’t made a career change yet because you are not entirely sure of what you want to do either. 

So you only have two choices really. 

Continue to keep doing the same thing and hoping the career idea will magic pop into your head (which we know it won’t).

Or… invest in yourself and finally have the tools to generate quality career ideas that’ll help you finally move forward with your career change. 

So the real question here is… can you afford to wait any longer?