Career Discovery Workshop

Generate Exciting but Realistic Career Options Outside of Retail Without Sacrificing Your Salary (Even if Retail Is All You Have Ever Done)

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

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Imagine If...

Someone opened your eyes to the countless opportunities out there for Retail Managers just like you.
But not just any ideas, but career options that give you the work-life balance and job satisfaction you desire.
Not only that, but you wouldn’t need to take a salary cut either…
It might sound a bit too good to be true, right?
Well, what if I told you it was true… and how do I know this?
Because these career opportunities will be based on the transferable skills you possess.
It’s these skills that have helped you acquire the salary you are on, not your Retail Knowledge.
And that’s why these are realistic without needing to take a pay cut.
Real careers out there right now, waiting for someone just like you…
Starting to get excited yet?
Now imagine having complete clarity, knowing exactly what your next step would be.
Knowing exactly what career will give you that work-life balance and job satisfaction.
But also the belief that there is life after retail, which doesn’t require a drop in salary or change in lifestyle either?
All in just two weeks.
What if I also told you that this has been tried and tested over the last 3 years.
And it is continuing to surprise even the most sceptical of Retail Manager who thinks it might not be possible.
Are you ready to join them, and find out for yourself?

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