Do Something That Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

At the time I thought this picture made me look pretty “bad-ass”.

Clearly I needed to have words with myself ?

But this picture means a lot to me.

Because it was the start of the journey that changed my life.

You see, when I left school I had no confidence.

I was shy and couldn’t look people in the eye. ?

When I started working part-time in retail it was horrible.

I didn’t speak to anyone.

One of the managers later told me he thought there was something wrong with me at the time.

That’s how shy I was.

But for some reason, I applied to become a volunteer police officer.


The person that couldn’t make eye contact.

Let alone enforce the law!

And it made me speak to people.

There was nowhere I could hide.

It made me feel uncomfortable.

And I didn’t realise it at the time…

But I was using the best personal development technique I know.

You are only growing when you are doing things that make you feel uncomfortable. ?

I made a choice that I couldn’t back out of.

Once I was on the streets I had to be confident.

If I wasn’t?

I was putting my colleagues and myself at risk.

I was forcing myself to grow, without even realising it.

So how did this change my life?

Well, the confidence I gained from a volunteering job…

Led to three promotions, new friends, new relationships and the confidence to start my business.

Kinda life changing for me to be honest.

So what are you going to do this week that makes you feel uncomfortable?

It doesn’t matter how small…

Because you never know…

It could be the catalyst you need to change your life.

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