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About Tom

“There’s no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” 

Entrepreneur, world-adventurer and career coach, Tom John Harris, never planned for a career in retail. It all started as a part-time stopgap while he figured out his “Plan A”. After a few years in retail, he became fairly good at it and it wasn’t long until he was promoted to management. However, this was where his problems began to develop. 

You see, Tom fell into the same trap many others in retail have fallen into. He became comfortable. What started as a part-time job had become his “Plan B”, but it wasn’t long until the lack of appreciation, fulfilment and work-life balance got the better of him. He was stuck. Retail was all he knew, and he didn’t know how to get out. 

In 2018, everything changed as Tom was made redundant from his 10-year career in retail. He was determined to turn this negative situation into a positive one and use this as his chance to escape retail for good. He decided to get out there and learn what it takes to make a lasting career change. He discovered that, when you knew how, it was actually much easier than he had ever anticipated.

Tom landed a job outside of retail, managing a team of career coaches in the charity sector. Having demonstrated that escaping retail was possible, it wasn’t long before those who had worked with Tom wanted their own retail escape. Over the course of the year, he helped over a hundred people escape retail. 

Tom now positions himself as a retail escape specialist. He believes everyone has the potential to land a career outside of retail, and that you don’t need a big life event to make a change. 

Tom uses his own experience to help others create their own retail escape plan, so they can go after their own Plan A. It’s his mission to help over a hundred thousand people escape retail. 

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