Free Masterclass Reveals: How to Get Out of Retail and Land Your Dream Job [Without Taking a Pay Cut]

Discover How Retail Managers Are Securing Exciting Careers With Work-Life Balance Without Using Ineffective Job Search Websites.

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Attention Retail Managers Seeking a Career Change!

If you’re feeling burnt out from the lack of work-life balance, flexibility, and job satisfaction in Retail, then my Retail Escape Masterclass is a must-watch for you. As an expert in helping Retail Managers land new careers in completely different industries, I’ll show you how to make a successful career change without relying on ineffective job search websites or taking a pay cut.
Even if you have only ever worked in Retail or do not have experience in other fields or a network of contacts, I’ll reveal how you can still secure a job in a completely different industry. Join me on my Retail Escape Masterclass to discover the steps you need to take in order to make a career change this year.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the secrets of a successful career change.

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Tom Harris

Retail Escape Specialist

In 2018, I was done with Retail. Fed up in a career that offered no flexibility or work-life balance. I felt burnt out always being expected to be available 24/7. Every passing year my job satisfaction diminished due to the constant store cuts and unachievable expectations. I was determined to do something about the voice in my head questioning “was there more to life than Retail?”.
So I hit the job search websites and applied for hundreds of jobs in other industries. How many did I hear back from? Zero!
I was about to give up, feeling trapped by my salary, lack of career ideas, and only having “Retail Store Manager” experience plastered across my CV/Resume. I felt like maybe I was destined for a life in Retail.
After 6 months of trial and error and striving to learn more about what it took to successfully change careers, I finally managed to escape retail and secure a career in a completely different industry, working in a job that gave me an amazing work-life balance and even securing a pay rise.
Over the last few years, I have fine-tuned this strategy into a step-by-step process so that others don’t have to go through the pain and wasted time trying to figure it all out for themselves. I am providing the support I wish I had when I first started out, to help others escape their career rut and find a new and fulfilling career path.

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Free CV / Resume Critique - Value £99

Send me your CV along with the job you’re targeting, and I’ll provide you with a powerful CV to help you stand out from the competition. My pre-recorded video critique will give you crucial tips and expert advice to transform your CV into an interview-generating machine!
Don’t let your CV hold you back from your dream job. Let me help you showcase your skills and experience in the best light possible.

Access to my "How to Gain a Referral in 21 Days" guide - Value £99

Introducing my guide on how to land a job referral in just 21 days. With this comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide, you’ll learn the tips and strategies to leverage your network and secure a job referral that can make all the difference in your job search.

In just three weeks, you’ll have the tools and confidence to reach out to your connections, craft the perfect pitch, and ultimately land a job referral that could lead to your dream job.

Access to my Career Discovery Workshop - Value £99

My Career Discover Masterclass, is my proven strategy for generating over 30+ career ideas and gaining complete clarity on your next career step. Through interactive exercises and personalized coaching, you’ll identify your strengths, passions, and values, and explore new career paths within and beyond the retail industry.
With my guidance, you’ll develop a clear understanding of your career goals and a step-by-step plan to achieve them. You’ll also learn how to overcome common obstacles and challenges in your career journey and build a network of like-minded professionals to support you along the way.