What Could You Achieve with Coaching?

What could you achieve with coaching?…

…read the sign on the London Underground.

You see, I was just coming back from London.

It was just over a year ago today.

And I had just attended a coaching course.

To everyone it appeared that I was setting off to make my dreams a reality.

But in truth it was far from it.

I had just been made redundant.

I had no job…

No real plan I believed in…

And about 6 weeks left of income to survive on.

The only thing I knew was that I wanted to start a coaching business.

But I had no clue where to start.

And to be honest?

I didn’t really believe I could do it either. ??‍♂️

Then I read this sign, and it clicked.

I had been so blind.

Surely every coach, needs a coach right?

At the time, I was a part of a few online communities.

And there was this one guy that just kept on appearing everywhere!

His name was Lewis Raymond Taylor

And he really resonated with me.

He too had faced challenges.

In fact much more than I was facing.

This man was in prison in 2015 with drug and alcohol addictions.

But now he was teetotal and running multiple 6-figure businesses.

So I dropped him a message and we booked in our first coaching session.

After just one session he helped me believe it was possible to start my own business.

And then he gave me a plan to achieve it. ?

Roll on a year forward…

My life has transformed.

I’ve got my own coaching business…

I’m working for a charity that’s changing people’s lives…

And more importantly I’m doing what I love.

Helping people. ?

And here we are again, over a year later.

Both of us with massive plans for the upcoming year.

So “what could you achieve with coaching?”

Well, if you’ve got dreams to become a coach and create a thriving online business.

Then this man well help you achieve it.

He helped me do it.

And it was the best decision I made.

So thank you for your help buddy!

Here’s to another epic year! ???

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